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Studiolive 32ai audio completely cuts out for a few seconds

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asked Jan 29, 2019 in Ai Mixers by denbighcherry (160 points)
My church uses a StudioLive 32ai for our worship services. I've recently started noticing that near the end of our service, usually during our last (and loudest) song, the audio will completely cut out for about 2 seconds. It cuts out in both the main speakers and in our in-ear monitors. At first I was thinking it could be the amps that power our mains, but if that was the case, it wouldn't happen in our ears as well. We run the board, in-ears, wireless mics, etc through a few different power conditioners, but they don't seem to be the source of the issue. We are still trying to pinpoint the problem, but we think it's the board. Again, this usually only happens once or twice a service, usually towards the end when things are loudest. (And not every week.) Has anyone else had this issue?

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answered Jan 31, 2019 by alanbriand (140 points)
Hi i'm experiencing the same problem, i'm running on an Imac and i have a studiolive 16.0.2

Now it's not even connecting anymore. I saw same issue on other forum recently.
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answered Mar 27, 2020 by emanuelchurch1 (140 points)
We are having the same problem... does anyone know how to fix this problem, we just performed firmware update on all our devices, still have the problem... frustrating
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answered Mar 27, 2020 by denbighcherry (160 points)
So, a year after I've asked this question, we are STILL having this issue. Not only that, but every few weeks the board decides to forget all the names of the channels, so when you pull up Q-Mix to set your in-ears, all the names are gone. On top of THAT, the board sometimes powers on and forgets which channels had phantom power, which is incredibly frustrating if you're not paying attention. We've started many a church service without realizing that was the case, only to find out the problem during the service.

As much as I love the ease of use and simplicity of PreSonus, I've come to determine that their equipment just isn't built for the long haul. Our church is in the market for a new board and we will most likely have to go with another brand.