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editable symbol for playing techniques (diatonic or chromatic runs, glissandi...)

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asked Mar 5, 2019 in Notion Feature Requests by joswylin (1,200 points)
In Finale you can edit most of the symbols for playing techniques, but in Notion that is not possible. Luckily they play back correctly, but sometimes with the wrong indication. E.g. a violin can play a glissando or portamento, but a piano or accordion can't. Instead they play chromatic runs or glides. However, for the modern accordion, some sort of gliss. effect is often asked in scores (the player glides over a cluster of keys on his keyboard with a flat hand), but sometimes he is asked to play a chromatic run instead. In Notion there is no possibility to make the distinction, since the articulation symbol can't be edited and there's only 'gliss.' or 'port.'.

I assume that that feature could be useful for a number of other playing techniques as well!

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