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User specified colors for different notes.

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asked Jun 13, 2019 in Editing by pianoguy1 (150 points)
I thought of this while using a string library, its just "strings", no separate instruments, and I was going to transfer the midi into other libraries later, I would really like to set different colours for different notes, say all the green notes are for viola, then I can easily select all the notes for an instrument. I think FL has something like this and I would really like to see it here.

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answered Jun 14, 2019 by dayadie (140 points)

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answered Oct 24, 2019 by rubyjones2 (140 points)

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answered Dec 2, 2019 by helenhines (140 points)

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answered Jun 14, 2020 by rickhudson1 (140 points)

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