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StudioLive 32SX Problems to load and show edited StudioOne Projekt.

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asked Aug 19, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by martinlohmann1 (1,210 points)
I edited a multi-track project already created on the iMac with StudioOne4.5.2 and a connected StudioLive 32SX mixing console on my MacBook without a connected mixer.  From each of two individual mono tracks I have created by bouncing stereo tracks.  For example,  I have track 3 and 4, which provided the left and right signal of my keyboard, created a stereo track and added to a free track in StudioOne.  I then removed the original tracks 3 and 4 via Shift + T.  I repeated this process for six more mono tracks, so that they were also present in a stereo track.  From initially 8 individual left / right monaural tracks, I have so 4 individual stereo tracks generated and created in StudioOne new.  Later I opened this song project on the iMac, which was not a problem.  After switching on the mixer, however, this got problems with the new project.  The reordering of the tracks was taken over by the mixer only after waiting a few minutes and displayed in DAW mode.  Every time I leave the DAW mode for a moment and then switch back, I had to wait a very long time for the mixer to display the new 4 stereo tracks instead of the original 8 mono tracks.  During this time, the operation of the mixer was frozen.  Why is that?  Can I not edit a project without a mixer connected or switched on, if it had originally been created with StudioOne and coupled DAW mode of the StudioLive 32SX?

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