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Type additional lyrics without linking to staff and note values

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asked Oct 11, 2019 in Notion Feature Requests by geebo2b (220 points)
Many pop songs and hymns have multiple verses and choruses that are very close if not exact identical in melody, rhythm and harmony. Many song books will use notation for the opening, 1st verse and Chorus. To save from having to write every little nuance to the melody the song books will merely print the additional verses and choruses on blank page under the final system. I just Transcribed 5 o'clock world from the original performance and wrote out the first verse chorus and piano solo. The rest of the verses are so close to the melody of the 1 st verse, to save time I just wanted to type them in Block paragraphs under the final system. Notion doesn't allow typing lyrics apart from syncing the, to actual notes on the staff. I figured out a way to do it by typing out the additional lyrics in WORD, saving as a pdf, saving the last page of the music as a pdf then importing both pdf files into a graphics program and superimposing the lyric pdf over the blank part of the imported page. TIME consuming and tedious. I have a number of other songs to transcribe for a gig, and the thought of doing this for each one is nightmarish.

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