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No mixer controls in Universal Control for Audiobox USB 96

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asked Oct 13 in Studio One 4 by jakeratcliff (120 points)
edited Oct 13 by jakeratcliff
Hello.  I am fairly new to this, I bought the Audiobox USB 96 less than a week ago and just giving it a test run now. I've had some issue with input and output which I've just about fixed now.

In Studio One I set the audio device to the Aduiobox and that allowed me to record, but there was no sound on playback. I need the sound to come out my computer (PC), not the box. I set the audio device in Studio One to my Windows Audio Device and the options from there allowed me to set the input to the Audiobox and the output through my computer. That fixed the problem but I'm totally bypassing UC.

All of the images I've seen of Universal Control have settings open when you start the program, and the option to mix. All I get when I open Universal Control is that the Audio box is plugged in, but there are no settings, and I can't do anything with the program itself. Is this a case of a missing driver? Or am I missing something obvious in UC?

(So I've just put one of the demos into UC and double-clicked to open the mixer. Worked fine. Can't do this for the Audiobox. . .)

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