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Why do I have crackling sound on usb outputs

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asked Nov 27, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by mirosawcichy (150 points)
After buying StdudioLve 34 SX and downloading the latest software, the sound is crackling on all USB outputs. In 44.1 less intense, in 48khz very strong and occur irregularly. Playback sound on the Firestudio Project card has no glitches. Played on the monitor via HDMI connection also has no glitches. It is also not after ripping and playing on another device. I have recorded all sessions so far on the Firestudio Project at 48 khz.

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answered Nov 28, 2019 by jonnydoyle (223,040 points)
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Please ensure you are using the following, 

  • Universal Control (Mac/PC) - v3.1.2.54970
  • Series III — v2.1.1.16522
If the issue remains then please log a support ticket to have your computer evaluated. 
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answered Nov 28, 2019 by pierluigicerin (140 points)
edited Nov 28, 2019 by pierluigicerin
I solved my problems by lightening the usb ports, checking in my motherboard was connected a firewire card that I no longer needed so it was eliminated and my mac is now fine and the presonus is back to work very well

Pierluigi from Italy