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Vote To Allow Users To Disable The Horrid & Next To Useless 'Shop' Tab From View In Studio One 4.6

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asked Dec 11, 2019 in Look and Feel by scottmoncrieff (1,060 points)
When people go and use a Daw, they use it to make music, they don't go to a Daw and expect to be faced with any notion that they are entering a shop. Not only that, it's just plain ugly, takes up space and serves no operational functionality in terms of music production. It's bad enough that there is a Cloud tab there as well. If people want to use these features, then they should be hidden away from view in a popup view window you can access from the 'Studio One' main menu. Otherwise, users should be able to disable these from services. The Shop tab, should not be taking priority over the main functional Pool tab window, in any case.

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answered Dec 14, 2019 by matthewritenburg (17,320 points)
Yes, we should be able to remove this or at the very least:

1. We should be able to disable any background updates that shop makes to ensure that is is not downloading or updating content while we are working on a song

2.  We should be able to disable the shop from storing any temporary content on our computers.  I want to be 100% certain that the shop is not storing images, text files, or anything on my computer.
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answered Jan 2, 2020 by lisarowe (3,810 points)
I'd like to add: reordering the tabs would be good so I can move my Pool tab (which I use every time) ahead of Loops (which I never use).

And since the browser tabs are causing S1 to crash, maybe they can save the day by fixing the bugs and this issue at the same time!

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answered Jan 19, 2020 by Wazatron (1,820 points)
Couldn’t agree more. PreSonus is making huge strides alright.... strides towards making me look elsewhere. I buy progression and a month later they kill it. I buy a quantum 2 and two years in they abandon it. And now they’re turning the DAW into a shopping cart? Wtf....
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answered Feb 20, 2020 by dennisgilman (510 points)
I agree 100%. But since I just purchased the StudioLive32S and Studio One Artist 3 weeks ago, I miss Reaper and my old Tascam. Reaper was easy to use and accepted all my plug-ins. I'm not happy with the inability to get help or answers from Presonus and I get the feeling they don't care about me since they already have my 3,000 dollars. Besides the annoying ads, Studio One Artist wont recognize my IK Multimedia plug-ins. I wont even waste my time trying to load my BBE ones and all are 64 bit compatable. This 3,000 dollar StudioLive32S wont even work as a sound card so I have to use a separate computer too listen to their training videos and those are mostly just sales videos. So far, the most helpful videos are from disgruntaled Presonus users who share how they finally solved issues. At this point, I'll pay Obedia for a few classes (they built me a good computer and respond to my questions) and if that don't work, I'll be headed to FED X to send this back. Presonus needs to spend more time on tech support and less time on advertising. A little honesty goes a long way.
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answered Feb 21, 2020 by niles (54,610 points)

@scottmoncrieff You do know you can disable the Shop tab by disabling PreSonus Cloud Support in Studio One > Studio One Extensions > Program Extensions?

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answered Mar 5, 2020 by hansjeboer (480 points)
Can only agree. Either make it moveable to the end, or deletable (without messing with the cloud tab).
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answered Apr 1, 2020 by dennisgilman (510 points)
It just gets worse. Yesterday I caved in and purchased VST/AU/Rewire Support - Full Version software. (paid for, had the money taken from my bank account by Presonus etc..) and can't get my software. No response at all after doing the support ticket, no help on phone support. They just took my money and are now ignoring me. It's hard to call this a good company at all now. I even called and their support line refused to even take my info. Here is my Order Reference #: 209011640 which phone support refused to take. I assumed I would get my software. They got their money. Last I heard, there isn't a software shortage or back-order. I really don't want to bad mouth this company. I just wish they would quit giving me reasons.
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answered Apr 1, 2020 by dennisgilman (510 points)
To make matters even worse, the software I bought yesterday that Presonus wont allow me to download is now on sale at half the price I spent yesterday. What is wrong with this company? They do not care about the customers. They make it as difficult as they can to get help or answers. Really. This is how they are treating me.
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answered Apr 1, 2020 by dennisgilman (510 points)
Now Presonus, after not allowing me a download of the software I purchased yesterday is refunding me half of what I paid for it because it went on sale today. Is that how honest businesses work? They litterally closed the ticket. They just stoled my money, gave me nothing and then I get half the money back. If I see one more church video from these hypocrites I'll scream. I am not some troll. I just wanted what I paid for. I've wasted hours trying to resolve this and Presonus does not care.
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answered Aug 16, 2020 by valentinosciacca1 (8,340 points)
I can't agree more! Let us choose if we want to see the shop tap. That is quite useless...