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Pattern Mode should support Scale/Key Lock (like Piano Roll)

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asked Dec 20, 2019 in Patterns by chrislang3 (1,700 points)
The Scale lock in Piano Roll is awesome - the Pattern Editor (in melodic mode) should follow/have the same Scale/Key setting.

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answered Jan 3, 2021 by Lukas Ruschitzka (256,440 points)
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answered Jan 6, 2020 by henjay (2,320 points)

smiley FINALLY! Someone see what I see laugh. I wondered why PreSonus didn't just include this into the 4.6 update?

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answered Jan 8, 2020 by famuyiwasegun (2,280 points)
Yes pls make it possible to  play a different notes on one pad for pattern mode or provide  a small panel to change the notes on one region
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answered Jan 2, 2021 by pbright (1,220 points)
edited Jan 2, 2021 by pbright

Yep ...Please add that.    So instead of hard coding notes.. your programming in note intervals.    Have a Scale or Chord Mode.

Scale Mode covers the entire scale of the song and only shows those scale keys represented as   I, II, III, IV .. etc.

I'm creating presets that limit notes as a work around for for each of the scales I'm using that I can enable in the pattern editor, would be nice to have it built in.  Will take sometime to get this all in.  When finished I would post them up here for others if there was a place to put them.  

Preset:  A Major

 Major Triad  (I)  Root  A1

minor triad  (ii)             B1

minor triad  (iii)            C#1

etc... through all octaves

Chord Mode follows a  user created midi chord track.   It only shows those keys represented in the midi chord track for that measure as   1, 2, 3   being 1st note of chord found, 2nd note of chord found, 3rd note of chord found,  etc..    So when you select Chord Mode.. another option drop down shows up where you select the Instrument track which you have gone through putting custom midi chords with the exact notes you want on each bar.    Now in the pattern editor you can select which of those notes get played..  1, 2, 3 for arps, chords etc..    Changing your chord is as simple as going to the midi track (same bar) with the chord notes specified for that pattern bar and making the note change there.    In the pattern editor its just going to point to that new 3rd note ...or 4th note that you added.   If you remove a note in that chord reference ( like the chord goes from 4 notes to 3 notes) and it was in the pattern it plays nothing and greys out that 4th note showing user that note no longer exists in the reference midi track.