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Cubase 10.5 F keys

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asked Dec 26, 2019 in FaderPort 8 by matthiasbarbian (140 points)

I am Usinger faderport 8 with Cubase 10.5 on Win 10/64 Bit.  Works well  without the Click Button Working which is sad .  I am trying to set up some User Buttons on the F1-8 keys but cannot geht any function assigned although noted in the macki control.

How Can I get user keys set up?

Mandy thanks

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2 Answers

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answered Jul 20 by hraudio (360 points)
In Cubase go to

Studio->Studio Setup  

Make sure that you have a Mackie Control under remote devices ( if not click the + sign and add the Mackie Control

Click on Mackie Control and you are presented with a menu in which you can define your F keys user commands

hope this helps

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answered Jul 20 by hraudio (360 points)
Oohps I’m wrong this doesn’t work.  

I’ll look into this and let you know