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Automation link between Studio One 4 and StudioLive 32R

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asked Jan 17 in Studio One 4 by pierreeffler (120 points)
Hello, I'm a french guy so I hope you'll understand my request.

I wonder if there is a way to make an automation in StudioOne 4 which can change parameters in my mixer (StudioLive 32R) ?

Typically, I want to change some parameters for a live singer (pan and other in Fat Channel, like EQ) during live performance.

Thank you for your attention !

1 Answer

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answered Jan 17 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)
The rack mixers do not have DAW Mode, which integrates hardware and software (Studio One) to quite some extent. What you can do is to use Studio One as "insert" to the 32R's channels, like adding a plug-in or plug-in chain to a channel. You can also replace the rack mixers effects by using effect plug-ins of or in Studio One. Another possibility would be to create effects in Studio One and send the effect bus to the rack mixer via "Tape In" (Digital Return). You can use automation on recorded tracks only, not as adjustments of live signals. DAW Mode in a Series III console would also not allow this, but the "worlds" would be closer together.

You probably have to look for another solution or work with (stereo) tracks.