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Looking for differences in Universal Control depending on which Presonus interface is connected (screenshots)

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asked Jan 29 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by dennisowens (150 points)
After using audio box studioi2 I upgraded to the 1810 and was a bit disappointed to find the 2 headphones don’t show as output in Universal Control/ StudioOne to provide separate mixes unless tied other outputs... i purchased the 1810 thinking I would  have 2 separate on board headphone mixes/1 main out and 2 other stereo outs to send to external headphone amp and or alternate monitors... I gotten close but after extensive searches... the literature indicates the features I’m needing may be in the 1824... after finding the 1810 missed by just a little bit before doing any upgrade in future (screenshots of the UC with different interfaces) may clear any confusion of what to expect when purchasing new product. Not complaining and I could patch to another interface ur44 but the upgrade to 1810 was to avoid patching interfaces already available...Thanks for your reply

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answered Mar 15 by AlexTinsley (902,840 points)
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For headphone operation on 1810 / 1824 see page 4 of the 1810 / 1824 manual

The Studio 192 or Quantum 2626 are the closest audio interfaces to what you need with assignable headphone outputs, you may also want to consider a rack or console Series III Mixer, the Studio 192, Quantum and Series III Mixers all support QMix-UC which gives Aux Send users the ability to control their own mix. 

We always strongly recommend doing research before investing in a recording solution. 

Manuals for all of our products with screenshots of how Universal Control behaves is also freely available in the download section of each Product page. 

If you're in the USA, you can contact us directly and talk to our pre-sales team for more product information. If you're outside the US, contact local PreSonus dealer.