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Anyone else noticing more crashing with the latest Studio One update (

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asked Feb 3, 2020 in Studio One 4 by maximilliankeene (1,640 points)
I'm getting a bunch more crashes since the latest update of s1 pro  I had to go back to the previous version.  Super annoying to keep losing work.  Anyone else having problems?

I'm on Mac (late 2013 Mac Pro) OS 10.14.6

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answered Feb 4, 2020 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
What are you doing when it (studio one v4 build 4.6) crashes?  Are you browsing files, dropping instruments, adding plug ins to tracks?

I don't want to presume, but if it's when using the browser, then it's a known bug (according to support) in build 4.6xx and is resolved by rolling back to a previous version like 4.5xxx.  The techs know and are working on it is what I heard last, a few weeks back.  

If that isn't how it's happening, a few more details as to what actions you take that causes the crash will help others to help you.

I hope that helps.
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answered Feb 4, 2020 by maximilliankeene (1,640 points)
I'm still using 4.6 just the version before this latest update and that ones working fine.  

Its been happening when editing and adding plugins.  At least thats what I've noticed most.  Thanks for your answer - I didn't know about the browser bug but I'm happy they're working on it.
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answered Feb 5, 2020 by lewpshekla (2,600 points)
Yes same Issues, when editing and loading plugins, saving while playing, not always but random times. Browser is broken for sure. & still a number of graphical glitches. Windows 7 SP1 16GB ram system
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answered Feb 6, 2020 by lewpshekla (2,600 points)
Speaking of crashes, I've been experiencing quite a few lately, most while loading/creating songs from templates. I'm on a PC Windows 7 SP1.

And my Komplete Kontrol disconnects regularly, losing control of VIs and S1. Also Atom and my faderport loses connection. In the middle of sessions. Faderport & atom does not do this in any other daw I’ve tested. It’s a s1 problem since 4.6 update.
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answered Feb 6, 2020 by robertgray3 (42,650 points)
I’m pretty sure that Komplete Kontrol thing is a NI issue, file a ticket there. I filed a ticket with them too, they pay more attention when multiple people bring it up.

I think Komplete Kontrol is ******** up the DAW control script, deleting it, then resetting the midi engine which causes the other devices to temporarily be disconnected.

I say that because on their website I’ve seen that same issue in multiple DAWs at different times. Seems they fix it in one then it comes up in another.
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answered Feb 7, 2020 by mendyka (290 points)
Same... since latest update, S1 Pro has multiple issues!  It crashes on opening, freezes when exiting Studio One... lots of glitches.
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answered Feb 7, 2020 by mciv (1,070 points)
It crashes when trying to change tempo in brand new scratchpad
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answered Feb 7, 2020 by dominicklareu (240 points)
edited Feb 8, 2020 by dominicklareu


I have isolated one problem. 

Step to reproduce: 

1- I had an audio track with multiple sections in it and multiples vst added to the track. 

2- I transformed this track to audio - to merge everything and save CPU power  

3- I had to go back to the original audio so did the inverse process ad transfer back the audio track to it's original state.

4- The files created from the reverse conversion were multiples short clip overlapping each other on the same track. I did not notice at first. This track was causing S1 to crash. So I carefully cleaned the audio track of all the small duplicates overlapping each other and the crashes are gone...

Conclusion: many audio clips overlapping each other on one audio track will make S1 4.61 crash.


Original Message****

Same here,

I took an great deal of time creating a project template with complexe routing (Buses, effects sends, VCAs...) And I can't use it! I have started a new song using my template and it crashes every minute or so... I'm trying to go here:

To revert to and older version of S1 but the link os offline...

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answered Feb 8, 2020 by robertgray3 (42,650 points)
Hey dominick if you find me on the forums and PM me that template i'll try to forward it to someone at Presonus who can take a look at it
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answered Feb 9, 2020 by lewpshekla (2,600 points)
Good day!!! The dreaded 666 on my master bus meters is back,I’m getting this to at random times, random plugins I got to bypass all plugins until I find which one is causing the issue or restart and it’s working again. S1 is broken from 4.6 onwards. Windows 7 SP1 16GB i5 Skylake set up. I’m gutted and maybe need to upgrade my os. Or go back a few versions. Usually s1 runs silky smooth on my system  but these last updates something is up. I have not installed anything new other than the latest s1 update.
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answered Mar 12, 2020 by rayinreverse (220 points)
I have been noticing LOTS of issues with Studio 1 since installing the latest version. Crashes. Wont open sessions, particularly doesnt like 3rd party plugins.
Glitchy behavior all around. Im rolling back a version
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answered Mar 17, 2020 by markbeling (1,380 points)
MIne crashes when working in the inspector. feels extremely buggy and hangs , then crashes.....Hardly any plugins are in the session when that happens ... just got back to studio One after two months in Cubase only to horrified at this constant, ..and i mean constant crashing. gonna uninstall and rollback to 4.5

Cmon used top be a pleasure to work in Studio One

Im running a Mac Pro late 2013

6 core

16 gig ram

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answered Mar 27, 2020 by davidjenkins3 (330 points)
edited Mar 27, 2020 by davidjenkins3
I also just updated to that version and have experienced crashing.  It occured about 4 times while I was using fat channel and some editing.  I made sure all my plugins were downloaded and properly registered.  There was 2 plugins that weren't downloaded.  I then restarted my computer.   After this I have not had a crash.  I'm using windows 10 diy pc i7 16 gb ram.  I think there is an issue with the plugins and this update.  I think the engineers at  Presonus need to really take a look and see what'g going on because I value stability in my daw.

edit:  I should say that I went to Presonus hub and saw that I had two plugins in the Purchased Items tray that were not installed.  I installed them and so far I have been having smooth operation.
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answered Apr 3, 2020 by lanschuetz (730 points)
Add me too to the list of random crashes and instability. Worst it's ever been in a decade. Ruled out plugins as they no longer show up in the crash files. Sometimes right after start. Sometimes opening one song, but not others. Sometimes can open one song but not the next. Sometimes when I select the Insert to add a plugin. I've sent in yet another crash file to help get this sorted. There's no simple rhyme nor reason as far as I can tell (and I'm religious about removing unused files just to keep the clutter down).

Also failed to start a MIDI device until I did 2 shutdowns and restarts. Been using that device for about 3 years. After getting it to add the device, system crashed on next startup. Next time was fine.

It's literally so **** random that I clench my stomach every time I go to start a song. I have done a re-install, but it made no change.
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answered Apr 11, 2020 by anirudhgonsalves (250 points)

Hey, my studio one used to crash on intense projects... as I was working on them a bunch of times. Then I restarted to computer, now the project and other old intensive (I produce drum n bass, IDM music, along with orchestral film scores) projects started crashing (quitting studio one entirely) as the plugins start to load.

everytime the crash report ends with this code...   

 0x7fff5efc6000 -     0x7fff5eff5fff  libxpc.dylib (1336.261.2) <7DEE2300-6D8E-3C00-9C63-E3E80D56B0C4> /usr/lib/system/libxpc.dylib

which refers to a Segmentation fault.

my Version is 4.6.1, with mac OS: 10.14.6 [Macbook Pro (2018)]

and initially I blamed it on plugins like Melda and Waves but then I tested by uninstallng newer versions of plugins to older..... then tested by opening fresh new project and lesser intensive (one or two tracks with few plugins, loads smoothly)...and putting all these plugins one by one.. saving it, quiting and re-opening... IE; the plugins load up fine.

Help presonus Help!
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answered Apr 11, 2020 by anirudhgonsalves (250 points)
Found a short term solution! create a new project file and import tracks from the old project! see if it works!
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answered Apr 25, 2020 by anatolyshiryayev (680 points)
I’m having random crashes all the time. I have a lot of plugins from famous brands and my songs are complex with a lot of virtual instruments and plugins. I have failed to isolate a problem - it looks like a combination of certain plugins make S1 crash. Crashes happen when closing song, reloading the same song, rolling back to earlier song version. Also It looks like VST2, VST3 and AU plugin versions also behave differently in this respect. This crash problem is so irritating when a big song loads up 20-30 seconds, then crash and you are in a crash loop until you go to so gs folder and get your version manually.

How can it be that other DAWs I have don’t crash this often? With my love to Studio One this situatuin really makes me think of searching for more stable working environment.
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answered Apr 30, 2020 by markferrizzi (560 points)
Absolutely! Instantiating plugs mainly so I dropped back down especially after I read the latest update was geared towards support for presonus mixer console and gear users nothing in there for me as far as I know but crashes
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answered May 2, 2020 by Rasi (400 points)
Yeah, it's been long enough now dealing with plugins ( I believe ) tanking my entire S1, that I'm looking at switching to another DAW entirely. Maybe Presonus will figure out sandboxing eventually...

I notice S1 crashes often when using high web-traffic plugins like Noiiz. With intense synths like Avenger, MSoundFactory, etc. it crashes. It crashes when I open a large Kontakt immediately after editing a different Kontakt instance. Come to think of it, Studio One will die at the slightest whiff of anything serious!

I use a mid-2017 iMac. My PC is not an issue here. I own all my software. Cubase, Ableton, etc. work... What's going on Presonus?
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answered May 10, 2020 by michaelcorbett1 (270 points)
I just purchased S1 yesterday. I've come over from Logic, I just fancied a change.

So far its crashed on me 3 times when doing normal stuff.

Instances of Omnisphere will sometimes not make sound even though receiving MIDI notes.

I have changed an envelope setting in Impact on a particular pad ( the attack setting on a hihat). Ive recorded some MIDI notes and a pattern playing from this instance of Impact. It keeps resetting the attack envelope to its default.

The whole thing is frankly unworkable. the reviews seemed so great, I like the UI and color, and the sampler record feature and drag n drop all make me want this DAW, but I can't get anything done. It feels like beta testing. Reading these forum posts are pretty disturbing. Should I hang on? from what some of you are saying it seems like 4.5 was more stable? Any hints on whats happening in Impact? Sorry for hijacking the thread but I am gutted
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answered May 13, 2020 by russellsmith4 (410 points)
I recently started using Studio One (past 6 weeks.. Have been using Reason and Pro Tools for years. Yesterday working I asked myself a question..."Why am I being so tolerant of this software CONSTANTLY CRASHING?"

I work on 2019 Mac mini... lots of horsepower, wanted to utilize some of the features that were not available in othe DAWs I was using. The sound of S1 is actually very nice... and the browser is a great feature... but I am losing valuable productivity rebooting this DAW. Studio One just gets stupid ocassionally, playing recorded audio out of sync, failing to record occasionally, crashing when dragging in a plug in. I mean the list is just too long to keep track of. Has this DAW always been this flaky?
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answered May 20, 2020 by faragher (670 points)
I’m in the same boat as many others here - recent convert to S1 from Logic. Absolutely love working in this DAW but the crashes are driving me crazy. I installed the latest Logic X incarnation yesterday and it can only be a matter of time until I return unless there is an update to address this instability. I’m clinging on in the knowledge that S1 has been stable in the past (it has, hasn’t it?) and in the hope that it will be fixed very soon!
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answered May 24, 2020 by jasonwilmans (1,510 points)
Don't know if it's related, but I exoerience crashes since this specific update as well. It seems to happen shortly after changing routing options. Like creating aside chain, switching Bus Outputs and stuff like that. Sometimes it doesn't crash but still does weird things like ignoring sidechain input or playing sounds on wrong busses.
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answered May 31, 2020 by scottzartman (180 points)
Add me to the same dilemma. I came here looking for answers before reaching out to Presonus. Obviously they know there is a problem and more than likely a 4.7 version is next up unless they had plans on releasing 5 soon. I've been trying to mix within the application initually using all third party plug-ins. Even with those VST that come with Presonus, the locking up/crashing continues. I came over from Cakewalk about a year ago and love this DAW. Hope they get it fixed before I have to start looking for another piece of software. Windows 10, i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40 GHz, 16 MB RAM
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answered Jun 8, 2020 by jondelvaux (220 points)
Just chiming in after the new update (4.6.2) - still crashing. Playing the track, mixing, TRACKING, editing audio, opening a VST, few VSTs, lots of VSTs, browsing. I get it all after 4.6, at least once a day. I'm sadly looking at ProTools now, as this is just unacceptable - ESPECIALLY when I'm working with a client behind me. It's nuts.
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answered Jun 8, 2020 by maximilliankeene (1,640 points)

I'm still getting crashes also but something different has been going on.  I'll be working then I get a pop sound and then no more sound coming out of the stereo outs.  Only thing I can do is restart S1.  Its happened 20 times while working on a session.  

2013 mac pro 6 core mojave.  Now I need to stay on 4.6.2 since I'm using Melodyne 5 and the newest update works with it.  Come on Presonus.  Figure this out please!

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answered Jun 14, 2020 by brandonjones17 (240 points)
having the same problem right now. i will make a template and it will work ok for a month or so and then freeze and when it freezes i can no longer open up any song that used that same template. i started over and made a new template but then it would get stuck on kontakt and not load the session at all.. i uninstalled and and reinstalled kontakt and the song loaded to sh0ow the track but froze so that i couldn't play anything or even exit the song from the file tab.. i have to use the task manager to get out ot the session.. i unistalled every plugin that was used in the session and then one by one reinstalled them to find out what plugin was causing the crash and it turned out to be akai mpc essentials. my version of mpc essentials isn't a crack its legit all the way.. updated and all but with that plugin involved studio one won't work..right now i have lost almost two weeks of production because i am fighting with this daw.. i hate fl studio but all these plugins work properly and i don't have any crashes but presonus support is going to blame the crashes on the plugins i'm fighting hard to keep using this DAW but not getting answers or even having them fix the bug in an update makes me understand why people don't pay for software.. i give your company money and its supposed to work and if it doesn't you're supposed to help me fix it.. isn't working that way right now with presonus.. now i have to trudge through sessions with fl studio instead of losing them in studio one crashes
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answered Jun 14, 2020 by brandonjones17 (240 points)
oh and lets not forget the one that happens when the song loads but every time you click on anything with your mouse you just get that beep or bell or whatever that thing is.
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answered Jun 15, 2020 by miratonemoog (320 points)

I also had a lot of crashes with 4.6.1, especially with Steinberg plug-ins. With the new version 4.6.2 it's better, but somehow doesn't feel stable as it used to. I think Studio One has problems with VST3, for me it is Izotope products, Steinberg and Arturia (no bypass)
When Studio One 5 hopefully comes soon, I want an absolutely stable version and not necessarily more features!

AMD Ryzen 5 3600x/32gb Ram 3600MHz/MBoard MSI B450/GraKa:Radeon RX 590/Samsung Evo 970 M.2 500gb/2x500gb SSD/Win 10 64bit/Studio One 4.6/Cubase 10.5/Presonus Studio 192/Moog Sub 37/Korg MS-20/Arturia SparkLe/Dynaudio BM5 MkII/Presonus Temblor T10/Presonus Faderport

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answered Jun 19, 2020 by johndecarteret (630 points)
edited Jun 23, 2020 by johndecarteret

I'm having issues with Studio One 4.6.2 as I was with 6.1 and for most of the time no apparent reason. I can just be playing a track back, touching nothing... And it simply vanishes, just gone.

It doesn't keel over like most crashes, no noise, no glitch, no message, just gone. I don't need to reboot the system, just lock and load again. I've had it crash when trying to use the online manual or check 3rd party settings. I love working in Studio One, but that's it I want to be working, not having to reload it over and over again. I thought Cubase was bad!

if it is more stable in 4.5, then I'll roll back!
But it's time PreSonus pulled their finger out, I'm tired of being told it's working, it's a 3rd party issue. I hate the blame game!

Additional Information:
I contacted PreSonus Support with regard to my crashing where Studio One 4.6.2 would simply vanish. I have to say that I had a response within the first hour of posting it. In going through everything that they requested which provided them with system information and I also sent across a few dump files they found several issues and the dump file also pointed to the cause of one of the crashes not one was actually down to Studio One 4.6.2 but to third Party MIDI Instruments and also software programs that I have installed on my system that have nothing to do with Studio One or in fact any form of audio,
I was faced with a reality check that it's not always down to Studio One whatever version that you are using. Remember that Studio One is the Host software and other MIDI Instruments, plugins or various other third party add-ons could be just as likely to be at fault. Even in my case software that is simply just installed on your system which has nothing to do with any of it.
I have now had no crashes in the last 48 hours since each issue was addressed. So in this instance I have to eat humble pie, but Presonus Support still gave me the support I needed to address these issues which where crashing Studio One, but it wasn't Studio One causing the crashes!
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answered Jul 14, 2020 by aktheartist (140 points)
This studio one 5 pro crashes sooo much for me. I could be exploring files in the browser window on the right.... crash...

I could be adding a new plugin... crash...

I could be removing a plugin ... crash...

I could exporting to mp3... crash...

So frustrated. ready to go back to v4~
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answered Jul 25, 2020 by iainwatt (140 points)
Recently upgraded to verson 5 professional and so far am hugely disappointed. The crashing is extremely bad despite having a imac with an i7 processor and 16Gb ram installed. Only had the software a few days and have had 5 crashes all independent from each other in turn losing work and creating a lack of faith in the software. Never had these issues on version 4 professional which makes it an upgrade issue that the programmers and tech team need to address or risk losing customers. Equally random things are happening, for example i use superior drummer 3 and now it won't generate any audio playback which is bizarre as it was working initially with no changes at my end.
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answered Jul 28, 2020 by jasonlillebo (2,010 points)
S1 is also crashing pretty often after the upgrade to 5. Its actually getting pretty annoying. I have terminated and restarted about 20 times today. that is a lot

I have to save after every thing I change in a track to make sure I lose nothing. disappointing so far

edit: I am not even closing the task manager anymore. saves time. 4 crashes in the last 10 minutes. wow..
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answered Aug 17, 2020 by garrettboyack1 (260 points)
I've been having the same issue as of late, and Inalso have a MacBook pro late 2013 model 10.14 Catalina. Very frustrating. Since the update I can't even finish a mix with more than like 10 FX plugins running.
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answered Sep 11, 2020 by forgotteng (530 points)
I've been a Studio One user for over six years and I have never had as many problems with crashing as I have had lately. My biggest crashes/gripes are last night every time I changed the routing in the I/O and hit apply it would crash. I also have a ton of problems with Pipeline. I am a heavy outboard user and I constantly have problems where Studio One will randomly stop sending audio out a channel I will reboot and all the sudden it will work. Also when you are routing pipeline and selecting I/O, the audio for that channel is not passing. When you close the plugin browser then you can hear audio being routed, open the pipeline browser and audio goes away. Super frustrating.
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answered Oct 1, 2020 by jacquessteyn1 (1,510 points)
Looks like this problem is still not solved by October 2020.

Never had crashing problems before in any SO version.
As NI's Komplete plugins are annoyingly slow I decided to replace them with other plugins -- when firing up SO show plugins loaded is so fast it is hard to follow reading them in the reporting window; but NI plugins take forever. I can go have coffee and take a shower ;) - I know about problems with NI mentioned by several other users.

BUT: I deleted a MIDI track with an NI plugin, and now SO5 crashes when I try to update the Master file.

I can understand that when adding a system might crash, but deleting one?

So as it stands this work is now useless.
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answered Oct 1, 2020 by jacquessteyn1 (1,510 points)

Referring to audio files - dominicklareu

I have noticed that audio files converted from MIDI in older songs, when played back in SO5 have hiccups. I have to re-edit the audio files.

This is also very annoying.
Does SO5 use a different audio engine that is not compatible with that of older versions?

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answered Oct 11, 2020 by maksk (610 points)
After I migrated from older mac (with Mojave) to a new one (with Catalina) I can't open most of my songs/projects. Studio One 4.6.2 is crashing while loading a song.
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answered Oct 26, 2020 by dominikrolke (160 points)
Studio One is still crashing continuously. And by often I mean up to 20 times an hour. I have a high spec iMac. No other DAW crashed even once. So I started with StudioOne4 2 years ago, there were only occasional crashes. With Version 5 it is now unbearable, especially when you use the program for work and pay money for it. The support was just bad. I explained the situation that I have no cracked plugins and not many and that crashes happen even when loading native Presonus plugins. I was told to send the crash reports. These have indicated Valhalla Vintage Verb as the cause several times in a row. But the crash reports also show anything but the cause, such as: Izotope Trash, RC-Retro-Color, UAD-GUI, Kleverb, etc. When I wrote to Presonus and said that I had already uninstalled Valhalla Vintage Verb and the program still crashed , I only got the answer to remove Valhalla Vintage Verb and see if it works. I am absolutely frustrated and can't believe how management can speak of the most stable DAW. I even formatted my whole HardDrive. Installed just Presonus and a few plugins and with nothing else on the HardDrive the DAW is still crashing!!!
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answered Apr 20, 2023 by jonkelley1 (230 points)
studio one is terrible go to Cubebase or Reaper