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My audio keeps cutting out randomly

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asked Feb 8 in Studio One 4 by scythepro (140 points)
My presonus has suddenly decided to go haywire. When ever I playback my mix and pause - it'll suddenly play a strange two second clip of the song and then just cut out. When I unpause, It'll play a little bit before cutting out once again. It doesn't happen often, usually I'm able to restart the program and the issue goes away. However, for this particular mix it keeps happening. The only third-party plugin I'm using is Fab-Filter Pro Q3, which can't be the issue because I've used it on other mixes just fine. Could it possibly be a plugin I have installed?

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answered Feb 9 by lewpshekla (1,970 points)
Yes this is happening a lot lately. Random audio drop outs I’m getting no matter the session size.
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answered Feb 13 by williamcolon2 (260 points)

I've been dealing with this a lot lately too. Whenever I record my audio files, it will stop playing audio for a few seconds randomly. I have no idea what it is and not sure how to fix. I can see the that the wave file is fine and nothing is missing and sometime it just starts working again. It's very frustrating and not sure what to do at this point... It's making me stop some sessions cause I can't listen back to what I've recorded no

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answered Feb 14 by tothrec (6,470 points)
You can certainly try un-installing that new plugin (also look for other changes you've made to your computer or configuration since it was healthy.

You can also check your settings in case you set the Device Blocksize too low or the Dropout Protection too low.