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Audiobox USB (gold edition) issue with Cubase 7

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asked Mar 19, 2020 in AudioBox USB by ptrai (120 points)

Audiobox USB outputs white noise when attempting to use it in Cubase 7


Macbook Air (Early 2015)- 2X USB 3.0 ports

 Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3

Audiobox USB v2.70

Universal Control v3.2.0.56558

Cubase 7.0.5 (64bit)


The Audiobox USB seems to work through other applications but when attempting to use it in cubase I am seeing a constantly clipping input signal (there is nothing plugged into the inputs) and hear loud white noise from the main outs.  In addition to this I cannot open the mixer through Universal Control. The Audiobox shows up in the list of connected devices but will not allow me to open anything. Also, curiously, in the device settings in Cubase the "port system name" for the inputs and outputs are BOTH listed as "Front Left and Front Right"... which doesn't really make a whole lot of sense obviously due to the fact that the outputs are on the back. I'm unsure of what to make of all this and any help I could get would be much appreciated.  Hopefully I've explained everything with enough detail, but I'm happy to answer any more questions that arrise!


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