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Why does my 'transform midi to audio' function in studio one 4 cause clicks and pops in the transformed audio.

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asked Mar 20, 2020 in Studio One 4 by niteshshrestha (150 points)
after transforming midi to audio, there is occasional pops and clicks throughout the audio.  I often have to transform back to Midi and work things that way since no clicks appear in midi format.  this has happened in all cases when transforming.  Anyidea what the issue may be?

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answered Mar 20, 2020 by johnnygeib2 (14,880 points)
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While it is unusual for this to happen, sometimes other VST instruments or plugins will need to be disabled (maybe muted) in order for a clean render. This can also happen with slower systems or those with 8gb ram or less.

You can also try soloing the track and using the "Import To Track" option in the Export Mixdown options which will essentially do the same thing.