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dark color for menu-bar on windows 10

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asked May 7 in Look and Feel by kdfudrzx (440 points)
edited May 8 by kdfudrzx

we can make title-bar and appearance dark, but menu-bar cannot so UI is mismatch.

I hope to configure menu bar dark.

Add: I have attached a screenshot.

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answered May 8 by corriehansen1 (210 points)

Yes! Precisely! I would love to see this as well, that ugly dull grey bar really kills the mood of any theme. I'll attach a photo so you can see how it just plain doesn't fit with the theme, especially if you have the upper window bar black which is a setting you can change within windows itself

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answered Aug 16 by valentinosciacca1 (3,870 points)

I am planning to switch to S1 from Mac to Windows. The Mac version has the window bar dark and I really like it.

I just saw S1 on windows that white bar is really annoying... It would be great if there would be the ability to chose from a light bar or a dark one.

This is S1 on Mac: