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Don't buy 1824c it's a scam

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asked May 16, 2020 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by sasarajak (2,800 points) 1 flag
This interface is nothing but repacked 1818VSL with stripped down features (the old VSL mixer was lightyears ahead of this new ****)   "Free" plugins that come with it is what you actually pay for. The interface itself is recycled rubbish (even old firestudio project operates better) and is not worth a cent.

It is not able to remember your SPDIF setting but you need to freaking switch it manually every freaking time you turn this thing on.  You can't use it for your DAW and windows sounds simultaniously because it's not able to switch sample rates between projects and WDM audio etc...  (even 15 years old interfaces have not problem with this)

If you buy it, forget about selling it as almost nobody wants to buy it used.  Waste of money and shame on Presonus for falsely presenting something that is NOT up to tech. standards comparing competition.  I'm definitely done with buying Presonus hardware products.

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answered Aug 28, 2020 by harryganesh (90 points) 1 flag
I totally agree! This is my third version of a Presonus product(Audio Interface) and had nothing but troubles. The hardware is affordable, but quality and performance is questionable. Ive owned a 22VSL, 1818VSL, and now an 1824C. All had issues. My Studio 1824C locks up with only playing 4 simple tracks. If anyone knows what i can do to stabilize this thing, please help! It's so frustrating. I spend more time troubleshooting rather than making music.
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answered Sep 27, 2020 by lukeduffield (240 points)
In contrast, I have a 1824c and I don't experience any of the issues mentioned here.  

To use a DAW and Windows sounds/browse sounds you need to ensure both are set to same sample rate.  Go into Windows Sounds/advanced menu and make sure both DAW and Windows are showing the same (44.1/48 etc).

A mix with a medium amount of plugins - I can use a block size of 32 with no pop/clicks.

A mix with load of plugins - I can use a block size of 64 with no pops/clicks.

That said, I usually just stick to 128 as the latency difference on my PC between 64 and 128 is tiny.

Universal Control saves settings on shutdown - so I don't have to reset everything each time I use it - although it would be nice to have a 'save settings' function.

So far, I've not had any issues at all - and I'm VERY picky on these matters.  It's as stable as my Audient and Focusrite interfaces.

I have a recent i5 with 16gb of memory.
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answered Jun 18, 2022 by wernerbeukes1 (150 points)
I've only ever used expensive interfaces like RME, Universal Audio and Apogee... Then tried this interface by recommendation. This is worth much more IMO.

It sounds great (using my external pre's obviously), and the AD/DA convertors are top class! It's stable, and operates without flaws... That goes for Mac and PC.

I've been in this industry a VERY long time, and Presonus knows what they're doing in terms of interfaces and control surfaces... Well done Presonus, at this price I should be buying 2.