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problem on Cakewalk X3 with the Audiobox USB

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asked May 25, 2020 in AudioBox USB by laurentmagnien (150 points)
I have a problem on Cakewalk X3 with the Audiobox USB and I think I'm going to end up throwing the sound card out of my windows!!! I manage to record the sound of my music keyboard, and I can hear the music when I play the tracks in the Cakewalk software... but when I export the result to a wave or an MP3 file (so outside the software), no sound (it exports a file but the file is empty)!! I checked whether the sound card was selected properly in the IN/OUT bus properties, but I only have "AUDIO Audio Driver Output left", so that's a problem because I CAN'T GET IT TO ACCEPT the stereo output!! But anyway, whatever the output selection I choose, there is no way the card will render a sound when I export a file. Is it a know problem, and what can I do to make the card work in Cakewalk?? I've fought all night long with the device and I'm fed up fighting.
Thank you for your help.

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answered Jul 7, 2020 by AlexTinsley (924,550 points)
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Most likely the problem is that you do not have the ASIO driver installed.

When you connect the Audiobox 96 USB to your windows system, Windows will say "Your device is now ready"

However that only means that Windows Audio will work using the built-in WDM driver. That's why you're only seeing one channel in your audio setup.

Download Universal Control from the AudioBox 96 download page so that the low latency ASIO driver is installed for the interface.

Then in CakeWalk you'll need to go into Audio Device Setup and select AudioBox ASIO driver.

Then your audio will capture correctly.