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Universal Control and Studiolive 16r basics - I'm lost

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asked Jun 18 in StudioLive Series III by jh57 (230 points)
Hey everyone. Sorry for posting such a newb/general question. I'm not new to mixers or recording but was hoping to find some basic general instructions on using UC, specifically with the studiolive mixers. I don't see many YT videos and can't find much help on Presonus' site. I guess my problem at this moment is that I don't know enough to even ask good questions.

I just got a StudioLive16r (yay) and Universal Control is just kicking my butt. Decided to learn it myself after not finding many helpful videos but now I'm stuck on an Aux send screen that I can't get out of. UC has went dark(er) and locked me out a couple times already and I can't tell how to get back to working without complete reboots of everything. I think it's just me missing some basic key concepts but I can't tell.

Ideally I'll use the 16R as an interface more than a mixer but, from what I can tell, UC is still involved even when working as an interface through Studio One. I figure I better learn UC either way.

Again, sorry for the lack of a specific question but ANY help or guidance is greatly appreciated!! I really think a well done 5 min tutorial that actually covers how to use the app would set me straight.

Using UC via USB - Windows 10 - StudioLive16r

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answered Jun 23 by jonnydoyle (351,440 points)
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I would reach out to some of the Facebook groups for additional help with more specific questions to what you would like to know.