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My Presonus Faderport 16 keeps disconnecting from time to time while working on a project

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asked Jul 2, 2020 in FaderPort 16 by svenmllek (230 points)
Hi guys,

I have a Presonus FaderPort 16 and using it with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 on a MacBook Pro with USB 3.0 (no usb-c).

I was not able to install the newest version on it so I switched to a windows notebook, downloaded the universal control there and it was no problem with the installation.

So now I connected the FaderPort with my macbook again and set it all up for using it in Ableton live 10.

it is working. the only problem is, from time to time it somehow disconnects (I guess) and then I am not able to control my DAW.

it happens like all 10 minutes. sometimes its reconnects after a few seconds again, sometimes it takes longer.

also tried another usb-cable. same result.

would be nice if somebody can help me out with this problem

thank you in forward!



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answered Jul 3, 2020 by svenmllek (230 points)

On my old Windows-Laptop the FaderPort16 is working perfectly fine with my Ableton Live 9.

So it must have something to do with my Macbook. I even upgraded from HighSierra to Mojave, still the same problem...
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answered Nov 12, 2020 by philjones13 (140 points)
Hiya - I am having the same problem on my windows machine. I seem to have to set up up peripherals all well and good with everything as it should be then it drops out. It doesn't drop back in - I have to exit PT and go through the whole process again. I'm new to the faderport and this is becoming a drag...
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answered Jan 8, 2021 by mikeryan8 (140 points)
I am having a similar problem.  I literally just got everything loaded and up to date.  Everything works perfectly for about 5 seconds.  Then the faderport will not respond physically.....  if I move a fader onscreen...the faderport responds  Very frustrating to deal with this straight out of the box.  I am not ruling out "user error"...but if everything works perfectly for 5 seems it is installed correctly.  GRRRRR.
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answered Feb 6, 2021 by davidlangley (200 points)
Have you updated the firmware? It helped mine.