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asked Jul 19, 2020 in Studio One 5 by artyomfomkin (190 points)
I have S1 4 and also im paying from splice for upgradem today i make decision to connect to Sphere. But after an hour in sphere i make another deicision cancel my subscription. Will i lose connect to ampire, CTC and another plugins what i had before with s1 4? Thank u

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answered Jul 19, 2020 by normanriley (2,360 points)
edited Jul 19, 2020 by normanriley
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No, you will not.  If you owned S14.x before subscribing to Sphere, you will still own S14.x and all associated features you enjoyed before enrolling in Sphere.  However, if you overwrote S14.x with 5.0 when you enrolled in Sphere, you may need to restore your computer to a date before you enrolled in Sphere in order to recover S14.x and the associated features you had.   I do not believe CTC-1 was available before 5.0, which is to say I was not aware of it before 5.0 came out.  If you do the math you will see that Sphere is a much better deal than Splice but, of course, it's your money to spend as you think best.
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answered Jul 19, 2020 by artyomfomkin (190 points)
Yes you was right, my fault (i didnt had a ctc)
As i understand i will have everything what i had before.
Mby u r right about splice, but there i should pay for s1 5 less, only 170$. Because S1 4 i bought there as well. And i had enoght stuff with s1 4