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Has anyone else experienced Crashing, freezing Studio one 5 ?

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asked Jul 28 in Studio One 5 by navjotsingh4 (1,020 points)
I never had any issue with studio one 4 but Studio one 5 sees to have a lot of crash rates so far, although its a great daw but its crashes making me end the process which is kinda affecting my whole system.

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answered Sep 9 by justinwoodrow (500 points)
selected Sep 9 by navjotsingh4
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Consistent with all mentions in this thread - I have to "end task" to close out Studio One 5 nearly every time I finish a session. I only use Kontakt 6 (full version) and audio files, so I'm not using anything too crazy. As for plug-ins, I use FabFilter and Izotope. Recently, I switched to Studio One 5 from Acid Pro 10, and I can tell you that all the plug-ins and Kontakt 6 work perfectly fine in Acid Pro 10, with no issues like I've experienced with Studio One 5. Thus, it seems to be the DAW's issue (Studio One's issue) and not 3rd party plug-ins...

Oh yeah, and I'd like to add something. Please, PreSonus, update the tiny user font of the user interface associated with Kontakt. It's like I need a magnifying glass to see what's going on, and I'm using a 32" screen. Thank you!
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answered Jul 28 by TheFlowerKings (950 points)

Oh yes it constantly freezes when editing any parameter with my hardware synths...
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answered Jul 28 by navjotsingh4 (1,020 points)
Thanks TheFlowerKings , So its not only me and a few people I know. a lot of people having same issue. am having issue.Hope presonus fixes it soon
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answered Jul 28 by gregoroppitz (210 points)

I am really getting frustrated and mad. I have several hardware synths and every time when I play for a minute on my Sub 37, Studio one just hangs up. I have to close it with the brute method on mac.

This is horrible and I am thinking of selling Studio one 5 and going back and staying with Ableton, if this is not fixed in the near time.
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answered Jul 28 by lucaspiedracueva (990 points)
Me too!!! It crashes a lot!! No problem when working on V4.
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answered Jul 28 by mickaelkassapian (170 points)
YES same issues here, and we can't open V5 song in S1 V4!
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answered Jul 28 by jasonlillebo (1,160 points)
Same here. Also happens alot when editing hardware synths. But also when I just do stuff like duplicate parts. I have had times where it crashes every 2-3 minutes. And because I cant open the track in S1 4 I have to deal with this which is really annoying.
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answered Jul 28 by jonasoberressl (1,310 points)
Im heavin huge performance issues in V5... V5 eats 60-100% more CPU in general compared to V4.6… so I can`t even play sessions that hang at around 60-70%  in v4.6 ... + i get graphics errors and crashes

very, very frustrating!!!
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answered Jul 30 by Phil Buckle (1,060 points)
Yes constantly crashing for me. The most unstable version I've ever used of S1.

I know it's bad practice to jump into a new version when you have a full schedule of work but I made a mistake this time.

There is also another thread on this forum about S One 5 crashing all the time.
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answered Jul 31 by martinschdel (1,370 points)
I have the same experience, so far. Don't know why . And now i can' t use my Melda Plugins anymore, because SO5 crashes everytime when i try to use the Plugins. Even after new installation of SO5 or the Melda 14.07 Software its' doing nothing but crashing.
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answered Jul 31 by fredmays (280 points)
I too have had the crash now on three separate occasions. Have been advising people to go to Studio One BUT this instability is making me stop. Maybe I will stay with Logic if this isnt repaired soon.
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answered Aug 1 by anthonyhenry2 (220 points)
Yep. Loads:(
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answered Aug 2 by jazzundso (96,100 points)

In almost all cases old 3rd party plug-ins are the culprit. Contact the plug-in vendors to get updated versions of plug-ins. Studio One can't help if 3rd party plug-ins crash.
If you're still having issues, contact support

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answered Aug 2 by normanriley (2,350 points)
I'm running Catalina 10.15.6 and my S1 5.0 crashes every **** day.  It happens for no apparent reason at all, and it is extremely frustrating.  I hope PreSonus will fix some of this in the next update.
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answered Aug 5 by mikecove (180 points)
Me too.

Also noticed S1 5 will close for no apparent reason. I have already had to rely on 3 instances of auto-back up files to prevent a complete loss of the sessions.
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answered Aug 5 by davidantonia (410 points)
edited Aug 5 by davidantonia
It seems very buggy. Constant freezing when working it more cpu intensive projects. Never had these issues with v4 (or maybe I did at the beginning before they patched them). Checking daily for an update so that the software becomes usable in a recording environment (I still have v4 installed for work because its far more reliable).

It tends to happen when setting up sends and sidechains etc. Something probably got broken when they introduced the new cue mix stuff?
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answered Aug 5 by tomfernandez1 (220 points)
Here is the same! MIllons problems!!! I want to roll back to SO4.
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answered Aug 15 by randynwood (150 points)

I am absolutely having  crashes in Studio One 5. My entire system freezes, sometimes I have to hard reboot my computer. So far I have gotten these errors:

  • Studio One Graphics hardware acceleration issue detected
  • Could not save {filename} - The System cannot find the file specified (D:/songs/cinematic/{filename}.song.temp
  • System error "Unexpected parameters"
This is on new hardware. I am about ready to reinstall Studio One 4, at least that will eliminate the possibility that my machine was not configured correctly.
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answered Sep 10 by addhitman (290 points)
Studio One 5 crashes every time I load UVI Workstation.

But, with everything S1 does right, I'm certainly not complaining; just hoping for a fix.

Yes, everything is updated; UVI, S1, W10, all of it.
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answered Sep 21 by RToon (190 points)
Yes, same here many crashes while using in V5 quite often. Using Windows 10 newer gaming laptop SSD while in optimized mode with no active network connection.   Never was a problem in previous versions on an older laptop.  Was offered free upgrade for recently getting V4 Pro, now that I've upgraded, I wish I would have stayed. This is was a very disappointing "upgrade".  Why not support backward compatibility within your own product line for failsafe at least.  Think of your users, who are your customers.
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answered Sep 22 by omarjimenez3 (280 points)


Yes Studio One 5 freezes as soon as I add Izotope´s Vocal Synth plugin

I´ve checked, and it doesn´t happen on Studio One 4, otherwise working excellent for me

but... Please Help!!!

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answered Sep 23 by nelsonmorales (250 points)
Yes, nonstop and I am so unbelievably frustrated!!! I have been going back and forth with technical support for 8 days.  I can’t get anything done and it happens constantly and 99% of the time in the mixing console.  I’m ready to get rid of it and get something else if they cannot fix this ASAP.  Has anyone had any luck fixing this issue?!   I’m also super annoyed because I paid $165 to get Sphere and upgrade to S1 5, and now I wish I never did!  Version 4 NEVER gave me a problem, NEVER!   ~ Shannon
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answered Sep 27 by bjkukuk (160 points)
Same here, can hardly finish a session before it freezes up and have to use end task to close it. I have everything updated to latest version os, s1, all drivers, still stuck in this madness. I love studio one, please fix soon
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answered Sep 30 by giuseppetria (1,200 points)
Same here.. Few crashes but a lot of the time S1 freezes OR loses frames. Sometimes it is almost impossible to work.
I've noticed problems with Omnisphere (if you open the envelope section and edit the envelope zoom, framerate drops) and UVI which also caused framerate drops. I crashed while doing simple operations, most of them while the song was being played.

I also have to end the task many times. That's not really convenient.
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answered Sep 30 by giuseppetria (1,200 points)
Also, after using Windows Lockscreen, if you had S1 open before the lockscreen, it gets visually bugged. Playback line is fragmented, glitchy, mouse location is misplaced and always have to restart S1.
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answered Oct 1 by nelsonmorales (250 points)
Hey friends,

So I went back and forth with tech support for 2 weeks but at least on my end I think the issue is fixed.  You can’t be using Melodyne version 4 - It crashes S1 -5.  Even if it’s disabled.  You must completely uninstall it and delete and then install Melodyne Version 5.  Also, from what tech said, you can’t use any Waves plugins and they’re trying to fix that.  The only thing I had was Melodyne (no Waves plug-ins)

So far, seems to be working and mine was literally freezing and crashing every 15-20 min if not more.  Hope this helps!  And hope it stays as well! Lol :))

- Shannon
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answered Oct 2 by arpitgandhi1 (270 points)
I am having issues w/ vocalign that any project saved w/ it wont open up and crashes studio one
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answered Oct 3 by dezmondcovington (140 points)
None of my data is being saved. Every time I open S1 5 my system is reset and I have to redownload, install, and activate my products and sound libraries. Didn't start having this problem until a few days ago. WHAT WENT WRONG??!?!!