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Studio One 5.01 for Mac hangs while scanning VST folder, even if it is empty

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asked Aug 13, 2020 in Studio One 5 by rickbaumhauer (230 points)
On one of my two Macs (a 2012 i5 iMac running 10.14.6), Studio One 5.01 hangs while scanning VST 2.4 plugins. It does this even if I get rid of the two stock folders in Preferences, add a new folder, and put any VST (or none!) in it. On my other Mac, a 2018 Mac mini running Catalina, I have no issues at startup. I thought it was a particular plugin causing the issue, but as noted, it happens with ANY plugin, or even with NO plugins, in the folder set in Preferences.

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answered Jan 30, 2021 by tomdeblauwe (150 points)
I also have this problem now, after installing a bunch of plugins I got for free as part of purchasing a presonus audio device.
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answered Jan 30, 2021 by rickbaumhauer (230 points)
Sorry to say that I ended up wiping the computer and reinstalling everything to fix this - PreSonus support had me run all sorts of diagnostics, but were never able to find the root of the problem.

That it happened after you installed the free plugins that came with your audio interface is an interesting point - that points to something there being the problem, as that could easily have been what happened with my setup, since I got Studio One with my interface and installed everything together from that point.

After doing a fresh install of macOS and all of my software, everything worked fine, including all the free plugins that came with my interface, so it must be an odd interaction of part of a plugin with an old bit of software or something.