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I the Only One In SO5 with Random Audio Spikes and/or Sound Not Playing?

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asked Sep 5, 2020 in Studio One 5 by koreymontplaisir (1,320 points)
My issue
Audio in a loop (Doesn't really matter how long the loop is) will sometimes create no audio on the loopback. Like the synth just won't play the notes. It's not that the data is before the loopback point, just sometimes the notes won't play.

I also own and have no issues at all in Studio one 4. Not one single issue like i'm getting with Studio One 5. It's so common of an issue that i even quit using SO5, and moved my projects back to Studio One 4.

This issue can also create a random audio spike on one of the channels that are playing. For example, If i move around my mouse while in loop to lets say the instrument tab. There is a chance that one of the audio channels from one of the instruments (synths) playing to just start playing at super high volume. 5 seconds or so of that, and it goes back to normal.

I've tested this on different audio devices and still nothing. Like i said, none of these issues are in Studio One 4 for me on this same hardware. It's very common for a synth to not even play the data on the loopback, the other issue of audio spike is kind of rare.

I mostly only see that once or twice an hour, but the audio not playing is so common, it happens like 45% - 60% on each loop back. I've checked my task manager and no disk is getting maxed out, not even over 20%.

My setup
Windows 10 64 Bit Pro
Ryzen 3600X
Asus Strix B450 Gaming F
2tb HDD 7200 RPM Samples, Backup
3Tb HDD 7200 RPM Instruments only
M.2 NVME Inland 256gb SSD. OS, SO5, SO4 Fl studio, VST plugins installed here.
GTX 1070
Seasonic PSU 660 XP Plat

Also like to point out that in Studio One 5. I can't move edit or mess with anything while the audio engine is working (like playing audio) or i'll get a sound dropout. These are not audio drop outs like the CPU spike. Just the audio from Studio gives out and stops playing.

I really wish i could use Studio one 5 now. I made a ticket sometime ago, but nothing got fixed yet. Just trying to see if other people get the same thing like i'm getting.

2 Answers

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answered Oct 10, 2020 by damny1 (190 points)

I think I got the same exact problem on SO5, and that never happened with SO4.

I am on Mac with a brand new Mac bought in march so this is not a problem of computer but of software.

I can't believe I paid for that unusable upgrade

Did you receive any answers from Presonus? I am going to make a ticket too.
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answered Oct 15, 2020 by tomstorms (270 points)
I have been experiencing audio glitches that result in EXTREME volume changes and runaway reverbs and delays - bad for my monitors and painful when on headphones! I tracked it down to occurring at one event boundary on one particular track. However, it's happened multiple times at a different track and event boundary each time. Once it starts happening, it is repeatable until something changes but the first occurrence is random as far as I can tell. The things that have worked to bypass the issue for me are: 1) restart SO, 2) turn off all inserts and sends then turn them back on again. 3) editing the event boundaries so they do not abut each other.

This extremely detrimental to my hearing and my equipment. Impossible to guard against because of the randomness. Hopefully, Presonus will take the problem seriously.