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How to record midi from one track into another track

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asked Oct 3 in Studio One 5 by tonyrapa (840 points)
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Hi All!

I hope this isn't a silly question but here goes.

I have a track with a bass VST. On the track I have a NoteFX Arpeggiator. What I want to do is to to record the generated midi notes from the bass track into another track - so that I can actually manipulate the "arpeggiated" midi notes. So I have a second track with the input from the bass track. I can hear the midi coming through the second track but when I try to record it nothing is recorded. Am I doing something wrong? I'd really appreciate any help with this.


I found this (the last comment)... it basically does what I need but it doesn't answer the question of how to record midi from one track to another.



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answered Oct 4 by tonyrapa (840 points)
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Hi Guys!

So in order to get the midi data of the Arpeggiator (thanks to Niles from 2017 (last comment)):

Event > Render Instrument Tracks renders the Note-FX.
Unfortunately it also kills any controller data and/or Part Automation (bug < v3.3.4).