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Distortion Issue with new Tricomp

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asked Jan 22, 2021 in Studio One 5 by lynndewalt (200 points)
Hi. I just upgraded from Studio One 3 Pro to Studio One 5 Pro. At the same time, I downloaded the Acoustic Effects Collection with the Tricomp Compression. Long story short, I started hearing distortion on my old tracks, but not ones I created new. Sure enough, I soon discovered that every time I added the Preset Presonus Insert for Mastering/Vintage, I would get distortion. After disabling the Tricomp effect, the distortion went away. The problem is, I have created hundreds of tracks that now have to be fixed because I used the Master/Vintage on them (I simply liked what it did to a majority of my tracks).

Is this fixable, other than removing it from every track? One of the only reasons I upgraded was to get the Acoustic Effects Collection for free. The other is that Presonus started getting persnickety about supporting 3.5. I haven’t had the chance to try the other Acoustic Effects yet. Am I going to run into similar issues?

Thanks for any advice in advance.

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answered Jan 23, 2021 by lynndewalt (200 points)
Now, as I have more time to see what’s happening, I have discovered that not only do I have to disable or delete the Tricomp, I have to remix because the compression that was stopping clips is removed when I do that. Thanks, Presonus, for hundreds of useless tracks unless I spend hours fixing them. Anybody have a quick fix? If I delete Studio One 5 and use 3 again, would that solve the issue?