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RM16 won't restore after firmware update?

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asked Mar 9, 2016 in Ai Mixers by mkahn18045 (170 points)
I have just updated my rm16 to the latest firmware and UC Surface to the latest version.  during this process it wiped out my entire mixer to a brand new state.....

How can I recover from a backup that I have.  I have tried multiple times and it will not take.  only once did it find the presets on the mixer but they disappeared again.

Am i doing something wrong?

Macbook Pro - El Capitan quad core w/ 16gb ram

1 Answer

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answered Mar 9, 2016 by scotttitus (1,210 points)
I had a similar experience with my rm32. As I updated firmware, I waited 15 min  and had to switch off the on. 3 times. Once it fired up I went to UC Surface Scene-setup. sync all. that restored all my saves