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Studiolive Daw Mode Is Not Working In Pro Tools

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asked Mar 13, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by thomaskerr3 (230 points)
I am having a lot of trouble trying to get Daw control on my Studiolive 32sx in pro tools.
I feel like I have tried every piece of advice on your website but still no avail.

I have updated the firmware,
Reinstalled UC surface,
made sure the Network Midi has a green dot beside the studiolive,
checked different ethernet cables,
I am connected to the control and not AVB,
I have firewall turned off and do not own any other VPN, Malware, or other software that uses Ucnet ( unless theres other softwares not listed on your website that use UC net)
I have checked the IP addressing and UC still recognises the mixer when the usb is unplugged,
I have self assign on the ucnet menu on the board.
I am connecting direct from the board to the computer and not through a wireless router.

I have tried to verify the ip address with the connection ping thing on the website but I don't know how to do that even with following the instructions.

I have watched the videos on how to use daw mode in pro tools but after i select Hui in the midi controllers tab, there is "none" when i try to select the send to and recieve from.

I have a 2020 13' mackbook pro, with big sur.

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answered Aug 5, 2021 by thomaskerr3 (230 points)
selected Aug 9, 2021 by mackjohnson1
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I've only recently got it solved. There's a Facebook group where you can download a new beta version of the firmware for the mixer.  The beta version works perfectly for me. It's a private group called "PreSonus StudioLive Series III Public Beta"

Presonus support told me to direct any problems to the group if you have any problems.

I really hope this helps, I've been searching for a solution for 6 months.
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answered Aug 5, 2021 by tomrawlings (380 points)
Did you ever get this resolved? I have the same problem and have tried all the same things you listed. Still no DAW mode for Pro Tools. Just wondered if you had figured it out yet.