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studio24c headphone level very low

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asked Mar 21 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by michaelhoskins (130 points)
I have a studio24c audio interface. My headphones are plugged into the headphone jack but the levels are really low and when I turn it up on the mixer or headphone control on the unit it starts clipping and is still low.

I've plugged the headphones into the main out 2/R plug on the back of the unit and the volume is much better.

The low level issue happens either through my DAW (cubase) or watching video/youtube etc,..

Obviously levels on my laptop are right up and using my headphones directly in my lap top are good.

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answered Mar 23 by maximethibault (220 points)
This may be basic but is the "mixer" control of the Studio 24c turned all the way to "Playback" ?

If your headphones work fine directly into your laptop, I assume you're using an adapter to convert the headphone jack from 1/8 to 1/4. If so, have you tried another adapter ?

Finally, try plugging a line level input in any input, turn the "Mixer" all the way to "Input". Can you hear the sound coming from what you plugged in ? If that output is low, you may have a defective unit (assuming your headphones work right) because with this setup you're basically running the sound directly from the unit inputs to your headphones without going to the computer.