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asked Apr 22, 2021 in FaderPort 16 by antonellosaviozzi (190 points)

As far as I can understand from the manual the track displays only show track name, pan value and meters (if the option is selected by pressing right-shift and push encoder).

They also show fader value upon touching the faders, right?

No option to always show track fader value?

To select if PAN/Track level is displayed?

That would be useful.

As if I slightly touch the faders, to see the respective level on the display, the value (and the fader in Logic) moves down by .2 just by slightly touching it!

Even if I touch the fader on the side, not moving it up or down at all!

It only does it on first touch, if I bring the fader to its level from Logic, touching it again on faderport doesn't change the level unless I actually bring the fader up or down, but on first touch it moves it down by .2 fixed value.

I tried calibrating and changing faders sensitivity, no luck.

OS X High Sierra and Logic Pro 10.4.8.


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answered Apr 29, 2021 by jasonjacquin (480 points)
selected Apr 29, 2021 by antonellosaviozzi
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I noticed the same thing with touching the faders causing the value to change... a few of my faders will even seem to "fight" or resist when I try to move them sometimes, and they'll jump up or down a bit after I let them go.  Following to see if you get an answer on that, as I'm curious as well.
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answered Jun 29, 2021 by markfrye1 (850 points)
I am wondering about this same thing.  it would be much more helpful for me to see the fader value (track volume) instead of seeing the panning.  To me, it would make more sense to default the fader value and then switch to panning when you press the pan button.  Hoping this is something that can be changed on the Faderport because it's otherwise an awesome tool!