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Better implementation of Stereo Subgroups

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asked Jun 15, 2021 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by michaelreust1 (2,450 points)
Have been working more with subgroups lately and finding that the interface actually fails in the area of subgroups and flexmixes, where you've got to gang them together to get stereo, but can't reassign those ganged stereo subgroups to ABCD.  Thus you've either got to switch between mixer pages and can't see your subgroups all at once unless on the user layer, or stick to only two stereo subgroups and waste fader space on that, or abandon ABCD and burn more flexmixes on that. Also, I really don't want to use two faders per stereo subgroup. I'm ok with taking flexmixes out of play if they can still be designated as part of the ABCD scheme, but mono subgroups is practically useless to me, and DCAs won't cut it because I want to stack compressors. And really, does anybody actually use 16 DCAs anyway? I would give up most of that real estate for something more useful.

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answered Jun 18, 2021 by jonnydoyle (403,150 points)
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