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Split stereo files to mono by dragging the stereo audio onto mono tracks

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asked Nov 14, 2021 in Editing by taylorscott2 (3,720 points)
This is a feature in other DAWs such as Pro Tools. You just drag a stereo clip onto 2 mono tracks and it explodes the stereo clip into 2 mono clips.

The current way of having to go to the Files tab in the browser is honestly ridiculous

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answered Jan 7 by cedricmialaret (1,530 points)
There's an even easier way in Protools, and ideally there would be the same in Studio One: Right click on a track name then select "Spit into Mono"

There can be 2 alternatives which should take very little time for S1 devs to implement, test and release:

A. Add the "Split to Mono Files" feature to files in the pool. This way, we could Right-clic the stereo event/ Audio / Select in Pool then use the feature.


B. Add event Right-click / Audio / Select in Files. Hence, we could use the "Split to Mono Files" with ease.