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Can we get more appearance options?

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asked Mar 1, 2022 in Studio One 5 by barrettenos (200 points)
Studio One already has more appearance options compared to many daws, but I feel even then we are limited. The colors are quite dull, the presets, though an excellent idea, are poorly executed and of course limited. As an artist, my motivation and emotions play a huge role in my creative process and can be impacted by even the smallest things. Such as smells, noises and the setting I am surrounded by, green park, mellow bedroom, noisy and cramped classroom etc. All of this becomes a secondary thought once I am deep into my daw and mixing music. I could be in an extremely inspiring setting but staring at a boring screen for too long sucks that feeling out of me. I believe we need brighter and more mixable colors, unique presets to fit a mood we may be aiming for, even an option to make the daw look like a real-life mixer or have a real analog feel would add a fun and exciting work environment. I feel this could be all easily obtainable, especially with a vast community of creative people who'd be willing to create and share their own daw appearance that works for them. I get that the daw is simply a blank template to be filled, and that it shouldn't matter what it looks like, but it matters to me, and I feel I am not alone on this one. Thank you for reading.

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answered Mar 1, 2022 by kisnou (4,120 points)
I strongly agree, I wish Presonus would take this into consideration.

Though keep your expectations low, it probably won't happen. It hasn't happened in years and we still have a pretty limited GUI, so I don't know what can make this change now..
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answered Mar 1, 2022 by sdinoia (1,030 points)
i'd be happy to have consistent colors to start with. But one can always dream..