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Programmable and Automatable Appearance Settings

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asked Nov 13 in Studio One 6 by simonjameslane (1,350 points)
Apologies if this has been suggested before, but to the best of my knowledge I don't think it has been.

This question comes kinda close however ( but I'd like to articulate one particular idea as part of that.

As most of us are familiar, most apps nowadays have settings to change between light and dark modes in their appearance settings (or can be set to automatically switch between these depending on the time of day, for example).

My feature request is thus: have Studio One’s appearance be programmable. e.g. change Hue, Saturation etc. or even whole Presets depending on the time of day or even duration of the application being open (which could be used as a visual reminder to take a break). Taking it further, it could be cool if the appearance were programmable in the sense that it could gradually blend between, say, specific light and dark or coloured themes depending on the time of day, as one input type, so as to not "jump" to super bright or dark as soon as the sunset/sunrise time data is received from the OS.

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