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How to aggregate audio devices in Windows?

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asked Jun 5, 2022 in Studio One 5 by austinhung (120 points)

We've coming from a StudioLive 64S, which is used to mix the house, attached to a MacBook via USB with Studio One 5. We had it setup to send the main output back to the StudioLive 64S where we could route the mix to our live stream, but monitor the live stream mix via 3.5mm output on the MacBook. This was achieved by aggregating devices, and we could still access every channel from the StudioLive 64S.

For various reasons, we've had to replace the MacBook with a Windows 10-based desktop. Studio One 5 can see the StudioLive 64S no problem, but there's no native way to aggregate sound devices. I understand ASIO4ALL is an option, but when we use that, we only see the WDM devices 1-8 from the StudioLive 64S, when we're looking at being able to access all 64 channels. Any ideas how to get around this? The only other solution I can think is to take the mix off the StudioLive 64S and run a 3.5mm extension cable back to the live stream mixing station.

Any ideas? We'd rather have the monitor output come out the local desktop's 3.5mm output.


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