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Presonus NSB16.8 stage box does not appear in the connections of the 32SC

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asked Jun 21, 2022 in Networked Stage Box by loickeredan (150 points)
Presonus NSB 16.8 stage box connection problem on Presonus 32SC
I have just received our brand new stage box with its Cat5e cable on reel.
CSE 100 NN5 SD (100m)

The stage box does not appear in the configuration screen ("Audio Routing" >> "Remote I/O"):
Once connected, however, I have the 2 LEDs just attached to the "Audio Network" connector which flash slowly about once every 2 seconds. (shouldn't it be fast like on an Ethernet network?)

The firmware of table a has been up to date for 6 weeks.

Thank you for your assistance

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answered Jul 12, 2022 by mackjohnson1 (77,570 points)
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Create a support ticket there may be something else interfering with communication.