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Scroll wheel + Modifier to adjust hovered Track height

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asked May 27 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by waderue (870 points)
i see Shiftt + scroll = horizonal scroll

Ctrl+shift+ scrool = Zoom

on windows i dont see the alt button being used

can we get something like

Alt + scroll = Track height zoom

Ctrl + Alt + Scroll = Highlighted or hovered track height zoom

maybe something along those lines would be really helpful.

2 Answers

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answered May 28 by alanskinner (920 points)
I think the solution might already be there.  At the bottom of the Track stack and to the right of the M and S are two options to change track height using the scroll wheel.  It's really convenient and super easy to use
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answered May 30 by GTRtice (3,680 points)
This doesn't really answer your question but pleeeease go check out this video starting at 6:17 (link starts at 6:16):

I only found out a few days ago about the "trick" at 6:17, and it's incredible. You might find it super useful, it's already made me workflow so much smoother than it's ever been.

Only posting in case your goal is to be able to quickly zoom in on a section. Really the entire "zooming" section of that video is excellent and super helpful.