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Could we get a rehearsal auto punch as a feature ?

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asked Oct 25, 2022 in Recording by charliestehle (180 points)
(Rehearsal Record)
Could we get a record option for recording long lengths of time that would auto record and stop armed channels based off a preset list of criteria/threshold

Example:  Auto Record On
>you pre select a list of channels that need to be active at one time to trigger record arm
 Note this op gives choice of using all  members or just drum and bass ext.  

Example : Auto Record Off
>when pre selected list of channel(s) stops being active for a pre set amount of bars/measure/time or if they fall below a set threshold it triggers record off  

Then back to the top ect...

Reasons why we can use this idea
During rehearsal a band could hit record for full the length  of  rehearsal with out  hitting start stop and using to much hard drive  space wasted on gaps between ideas and songs waiting for drummer to pee AGAIN or waiting for guitar player to tune  or tweak his pedal boast AGAIN or having to go back and editing out all the wasted time the arguments AGAIN or the long silences during or just knowing we had a great new hit but nobody remembered to hit RECORD
because the drummer AGAIN.

Rehearsal Record
So you don't miss that next hit
So you can capture your live set
So you don't waist you time waiting on drummers and guitar players

A band is having a rehearsal
They want to capture everything they can  just incase they stumble across that next big hit. But nobody ever remembers to hit record. So they just leave it on record now

We can leave channels armed and recording will auto record only when a set of setting are met. Like a threshholds ex.. when all armedare playing at once or just the ones your choice rec starts. Auto record when  armed ch volume hits a set limit, rec off settings as well ex.. auto stop when no ch has played for set num of bars/time .  Basicaly the idea is to leave

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