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Prompted but can't update firmware on studio 1810c

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asked Mar 6, 2023 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by dehendrikwillekens (300 points)
Hi, my 1810c sound card runs into problems when trying to use it with universal control. It requires a firmware update, but clicking that prompt does not start an updating process. It's disrupting my workflow at the moment, cause I can't take full control of the outputs of the soundcard like this.

i'm on a mac M1, ventura 13.2

1 Answer

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answered Nov 27, 2023 by HowardRogers5911 (140 points)
Hi there, did you find a solution?

I have just purchased a new 1810c and this is the same result I see in Universal Control, it say update firmware but appears to be a link to do so does nothing and no current firmware version is listed.