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Mackie MCU Pro Master Fader being zeroed randomly in Studio One 4

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asked Jan 10 in Studio One 4 by richardwhite14 (320 points)
Has anyone seen problems when using a Mackie MCU Pro with Studio One 4 in Windows 10?

The controller appears to work normally for the most part, but the MCU Pro randomly zero’s out the Master Fader periodically.  It almost appears like their is a hidden automation track doing this — because when the master fader gets zero’d, there is a little resistance to me moving the fader back up to Uniity — but as soon as I start to slide it, then it slides freely, an the fader in Studio One tracks accordingly.

This behaviour is making the MCU Pro unusable with Studio One.  I have never seen this behaviour when I used it with Sonar Platinum (though sometimes Sonar would mess up the scribble script meters).

So I was wondering - has anyone seen this problem with their MCU Pro?

Or put another, is anyone using their MCU Pro with Studio One 4 successfully, without this problem?

At this point I suspect it is a software driver problem , or a problem in Studio One..

Thanks for your help.


(Ottawa, Canada)

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