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My fader port stopped working in Studio One. It is recognized by the system but not in Studio One 3

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asked Jun 10, 2016 in FaderPort Classic by sdcady (200 points)
I am using Windows 10 Pro with Studio One 3 Pro.  I am using a Line 6 Pod HD 500 X as my interface (also a PreSonus AudioBox interface).

The FaderPort is recognized by Windows however, it is disconnected in S1.  Trying to reconnect it does not work.

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answered Jul 12, 2016 by Daniel2000 (140 points)
the same here. It worked fine, even after upgrading from W7 to W10. It just stopped working from one day to the next. It still shows in S1 3.2.3... but no functions. I reconnected it on a different usb port, no success. I've been looking around on the forum, but found no solution.

Maybe someone has a clue?


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answered Jul 12, 2016 by sdcady (200 points)
I had some luck by remapping the input and the output for the faderport, but I forget what they should be mapped to as it happened again, but now I cannot getting working...again.
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answered Jan 18, 2017 by tomflanagan (140 points)
what became of this?
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answered Jan 18, 2017 by sdcady (200 points)
I remapped the input and output to the faderport and got it working again.