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Clean up used takes in track layers

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asked Jul 18, 2016 in Studio One 3 by drywowens (1,170 points)

I am normally a Pro Tools HD12 user, but I am considering getting into Studio One for tracking and editing vocals because of its brilliant Melodyne ARA integration.  A practice of mine in Pro Tools is to comp both a lead vocal and doubled vocal from the same set of Pro Tools "playlists," which are like Studio One's layers. I will always drag an audio clip from my takes in the "playlists" up to the main playlist of an audio track rather than copy it so I can see what clips I have already used and make sure not to use the same section of a take when comping my doubled vocal.

In Studio One, I see there is a good method for comping using layers; however, the layers do not behave similarly to audio tracks as playlists do in Pro Tools (you cannot cut and drag audio clips in one layer to another layer or track - only highlighting a layer promotes a section of a layer to the main layer.) When a comped take is completed, is there a way to pull audio clips from the same layers to another track and eliminate clips that have already been used in the main layer?

Thanks in advance, I hope this is comprehensible!

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answered May 17, 2017 by PreSonuSupt4 (219,990 points)
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You can use the right click context menu function Unpack Layers to Tracks to do that, and then remove the new tracks you don't need.

You can also promote any inactive layer to the main active layer, copy the section of media you want, and then paste that onto a new track.