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how to route a digital return /firewire input back via firewire to my computer ?

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asked Jul 26, 2016 in Classic Mixers by fransblling (170 points)
Here´s my situation :
I have 2 stereo outpus from ableton live via firewire to 4 channels on my presonus 16.0.2
I want to record these channels on my pc using the firewire input from the 16.0.2, but ...:

Channels using the analog inputs feeds audio to the firewire output, but channels using digital returns does not ?

Or so it seems ? Is there a solution or a work-around ?

There´s similar questions already, but none answered... SO : Is there a way to route a firewire input to the corresponding (or another) firewire output ?

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answered Sep 8, 2016 by SwitchBack (2,670 points)

On a 16.0.2 there's no elegant way to send those 4 channels back to the computer.

The first 14 of the 16 sends of the 16.0.2 will only send (analog) mixer inputs 1-14 to the computer. Only with sends 15-16 you have the option to send the mixer's main mix to the computer. So that's only two channels.

What you can do is also patch a pair of auxes into a pair of inputs, say auxes 3&4 into channels 13&14. Those channels will then be sent to the computer. Not the most elegant solution but it will work.