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Universal Control not working

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asked Feb 25, 2017 in AudioBox USB by jankopetrovic (220 points)

Can you help me solve the problem of using Universal Control mixing console for my Aduiobox iTwo?

It is always grayed out and unusable.

I have Windows 10 and no wi fi connection. i am using internet from the cable.

So please help!

3 Answers

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answered Feb 25, 2017 by redbird (1,520 points)
Okay, this worked for me when I had a similar issue.

1: Unplug AudioBox (Both from back of AudioBox and from the Computer)

2: Reinstall universal control.

3: Do the restart.

4: Re-plug-in AudioBox

Hope this works! Good luck!
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answered Feb 25, 2017 by jankopetrovic (220 points)
Thank you for your answer.

But I already did that and still does not work.
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answered Mar 3, 2017 by redbird (1,520 points)
Contact PreSonus technical support by logging into MyPreSonus and then clicking support. Then click open a ticket and then the staff can help you.