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Can't automate Macro knob

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asked Jul 26, 2017 in Studio One 3 by BrentJammer (770 points)
edited Jul 26, 2017 by BrentJammer
Guess I'm doing it wrong. Could someone please explain to me how it works?

I got the "Channel Editor" open, first 2 knobs are assigned to Cutoff and Resonance of that channel's softsynth.

No matter what I try, I cannot automate those 2 knobs, neither by recording automation, nor by adding the corresponding automation tracks to the track lanes and drawing there.


In this video the guy is able to drag this automation hand from the macro panel to a lane. Also I noticed he has this [A] sign left to the hand symbol. I don't have this [A] on any Macro panel (Channel Editor / Multi Instrument), it's only on the upper left corner of Studio one's main window. Also I cannot drag the hand from Macro panel anywhere.

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answered Jul 26, 2017 by BrentJammer (770 points)

I guess I figured it out now. But it's a complicated workflow.

  • First you need to touch the target parameter, e.g. the Cutoff of the softsynth.
  • Next you need to drag & drop that parameter from the upper left corner to create a new automation lane. You need to do it from the plugin itself, it won't work from an assigned macro knob.
  • Next you need to activate e.g. recording of that automation track you just created, not the parent channel / track.
  • Now you can assign a macro knob to the parameter and record automation.

Is there a better workflow, more straightforward? I want to access VSTi-parameters from Studio One Remote and be able to record automation on the fly. 

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answered Jan 18, 2019 by judithkuijf (1,210 points)

Thank you very much!!! This is working very good. You are a hero. yes:) It is super easy now. This is my current method.  

1) Assign a knob on your controller to the macro knob.

2) Create separarte automation tracks for the desired instrument.

3) Rightclick in the inspector on the parameter slider and a shortcutmenu pops up! Assing your macro knob, and tweak further in channel editor!