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Strange routing problem

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asked Aug 2, 2017 in Studio One 3 by djkidstretchwarriorzrecords (1,250 points)
I have a strange problem with Studio One.

Let's say i put on a virtual instrument. I put an EQ on the channel, the eq shows waveform just fine.

Then i insert another eq plugin, or vu meter plugin on the master (main) channel,i get a reading from the vu meters, but not from the plugins, not the eq or the vu meter plugin.

Any help would be appreciated, cannot figure it out! :(

1 Answer

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answered Aug 3, 2017 by djkidstretchwarriorzrecords (1,250 points)
Messed around with it and changed the dropout protection from maximum to low and it works good now, so it seems that's the problem. I believe it's a bug.