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Strange sound interference

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asked Nov 10, 2017 in Studio One 3 by dennisschwachhofer (790 points)

I have those strange sound interferences you can hear in the video. The sound should be clean English Horn.

The procedure is every time the same:

1. Sound is clean and ok

2. After a while those interferences start coming slowly getting worse until it sounds like my video

3. I change my buffer size and after that the sound gets clean again

4. I repeat point 2 and 3 and every time I do, those interferences are coming faster than in the cycle before until changing the buffer size does not work anymore and I have to restart my StudioLive AR8 Usb and then point 1-4 are repeated again.

I'm not sure if this is a Studio One or a Hardware problem so I'll describe my setting as exact as possible:

DAW: Studio One 3.5.2 Build 44603

Running at an IMac late 2011 with MacOS 10.13.1

Interface: StudioLive AR8 USB

In this project, I have about 300 midi tracks which are connected via Network to a Windows 10 machine running Vienna Ensemble 6 mostly running the Play Engine from East Weat Quantum Leap, but I think I have had those interference also while working only with the IMac

The interface works just fine outside Studio One (Youtube Itunes etc...), all drivers, programms, firewarmes etc. ur fully up to date.

Has anyone an idea what I could do to solve this problem?

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answered Nov 10, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (174,650 points)
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Thank you for contacting Presonus Technical Support. Sorry to hear about the recent issues you have been experiencing.

Please delete your Studio One preferences and test again. 

  1. Quit Studio One

  2. From the Finder toolbar, click Go, hold Option, and click Library

  3. Open Application Support/PreSonus Software/Studio One 3

  4. Copy the contents of the folder to a folder on your desktop for use as a backup.

  5. Delete all files and folders except for the user.license file

  6. Launch Studio One 3 and test for this issue again. If the problem still exists, please feel free to copy your settings files back over from the backup you created in step 4.

*If you are missing any Sound Sets after doing this, simply go to Documents>Studio One>Sound Sets and double-click one of the files.

If the issue remains, please create a ticket to technical support. 

Here is a link to create a ticket: