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Quantum major static/crackles Win10

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asked Dec 29, 2018 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by gradyleno (170 points)
edited Dec 30, 2018 by gradyleno

***UPDATE 12/30***
I have an HP laptop with TB and the Quantum works fine there.  This seems to be a specific issue with the Lenovo I know the Quantum, cable, and adapter are good.  


Having major sound quality issues with the new Quantum.  Windows system sounds are crackling/popping on playback with zero other software running and near zero CPU load.  Youtube playback is initially crystal clear then after 20 seconds gets major crackles/pops.  Same behavior over mains and headphone output.  Took buffer to 2048, no change.  Changed process priority for TB and UC to High and Realtime, no change.

Coming from a Scarlet 6i6 2nd Gen USB which ran with no issues on the same system.  DPC latencymon is amazing (all green, no issues) and was running great via USB. I needed more I/O hence the upgrade to Quantum. 

New install of Quantum TB interface.  Updated Win10, TB firmware, TB drivers, and latest Presonus Quantum software/drivers.  Nothing else has been installed on the computer software-wise other than Ableton 10.  Strictly audio PC usage.  Not sure if its the Lenovo TB implementation, the Quantum hardware, my Startech adapter, or some other config.  I running about as pure Win10 install as one can get.

Lenovo P52
Windows 10
Thunderbolt v17.4.78.21
Startech Adapter TBT3TBTADAP

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answered Jan 11 by gostudiosgostudios (190 points)
I am having same issues with my Dell XPS G7 8577. Did you have any luck solving the problem? I think it is a hardware issue in my case as I have done same process as you as well as checked cables. everything is working until I add the Quantum in to monitor sound. I get static and eventually it turns to a faint fuzz followed by complete drop out. Funny when I monitor through the computers Realteck sound card I have a crystal clear sound but as soon as I switch to Quantum all playback is distorted. As for now I am stumped and have 28 days to figure out the problem. Need Help.
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answered Jan 14 by gradyleno (170 points)
I was unable to resolve and returned the Quantum back to the retailer.  I believe my problem was specific to my laptop model, as the cable/adapter/quantum combo worked fine on another computer.  Unfortunately it just didn't work on *my* computer.  Presonus, retailer, and Lenovo support all took a crack at it to no avail.