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Reverse audio event - rightclick menu and Reverse audio - done in place - and it plays backwards from then on

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asked Jan 16, 2019 in Mixing by Nip (3,190 points)
Just plain and simple menu option on rightclick menu for a selected audio event.

This foundation for doing reverse reverb effect and other things.

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answered Jan 21, 2019 by amanstudios (1,190 points)
I don't know if you are asking a question or commenting, If you are asking for a faster way to reverse an audio region, what i did to speed up my workflow for this, I just created a key command for reverse, for example, I use "R" to reverse something. Just highlight a region, hit R on your keyboard and it reverses instantly.
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answered Jan 21, 2019 by Nip (3,190 points)
edited Jan 21, 2019 by Nip
You mean there is a command for reverse - like reverse samples of audio clip?

Major thanks for tip - must check that out.
EDIT: ...and how lovely, there it is.

I thought I searched high and low in manual, here on forum and questions to find nothing.
I found a request for recording in reverse, but not doing once recorded.
And something about reverse midi notes.
And reverse reverb through using an IR which is doable.
I have in Waves IR1 too, but think right in menu is smoother.

Lesson learned, I start searching key commands next time.
Maybe a future menu editor will allow us to design our own menu.